Latte Quest 2014

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I love caffeine but generally eschew coffee. The bitterness of “burned bean water” never really jived with me, and I ratcheted up my caffeine intake from teas, chai, and Cherry Coke. However, I recently found out the following:

  1. Espresso drinks are amazing.
  2. You can put milk and flavoring in them to take away the bitter death taste.

Naturally I started with things like Starbucks’ Caramel Macchiato and Caribou’s Caramel High-Rise, because caramel is my kryptonite flavor. Eventually, I started moving away from all the whipped cream and crazy extra sauces and found that I really do love a good latte (albeit with a zap of flavor).

Maple latte from Citizen in Seattle hoooaaaaghhhh

Maple latte from Citizen in Seattle hoooaaaaghhhh

I was recently in Seattle and had some high-powered lattes from Citizen and Cafe Solstice, and have decided to find out where my comparable jolt can come from in the Twin Cities. Naturally, I turned to Twitter:

The locals responded, and I’ve compiled a list of places I will be sampling lattes over the months to come. Hit me up if there’s others I should check out. I know a lot of places make lattes, but I’m looking for THE latte, not just A latte.


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  1. Alaina says:

    Fantastic! Keep me posted. I, like you, love caffeine and hate coffee. Espresso has been a magical discovery. I’m sorry the VIA lattes were a bust.

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