Amanda Costello

Amanda looks like thisHello! I’m Amanda, a content strategist in Minneapolis, MN, with specialties in higher education, team building, and project management. When I’m not doing these things, I’m often speaking about them at conferences. I work using humor, honesty, and a knowledge that we all do better when we all do better.

A former English teacher in Japan, I value clear communication and having a plan (plus a couple of back-ups).  I enjoy filling out forms because it feels like taking a test where I know all the answers.

My Thoughts On Things


Additional random blogging is at my Medium page, including stories about what lived in my Japanese kitchen. Even deeper random thoughts can be found on my Twitter account.


  • Geek Girls Guide, Episode 51: Talk with the amazing duo Nancy Lyons and Meghan Wilker about conferences, speaking, content strategy, and everything. This was so nice we recorded it twice!
  • Weekly Plan Nerd, Episode 15: I talk about my involvement with MinneWebCon, a local grassroots knowledge-sharing web conference.
  • In The Making, Episode 7: Chatting with Devin Asaro about higher education, and what makes it such a challenging (but awesome) industry for content strategy.


From 10 person workshops to conference keynotes, I work with groups to learn about content strategy, work better with subject-matter experts and specialists, and explain complex ideas so good work can get done. I’d love to speak to your group: please be in touch if you’re interested! Here’s an overview of some of my talks; clicking on the titles will bring you to the Slideshare decks:

I Don’t Have Your Ph.D.: Working with Specialists and the Web

This draws from my experience working with faculty members, but applies to anyone who works with subject matter experts, and bridging that gap between specialized, detailed knowledge and useful, strategic content. You can read a bit of what I talk about in this in my article at A List Apart.

This talk won the Best in Track “Red Stapler” and Best in Conference awards at High Ed Web 2012.

Content Strategy and You

This talk isn’t so much about content strategy as it is about what makes good content. I often give this talk to people who are content creators, subject matter experts, or higher-ups that I’d like to have a better grasp on how good content makes things better. A great starting place, perfect for folks who work with content as part of their job, but don’t consider themselves “web people.”

Talking to Your Boss (& Grandboss) About Content Strategy

My newest talk, this is also known as the “explainer.” I take you through the crafting of a good explanation – using my “Content Strategy and You” talk as an example. Though this talk has content strategy and higher ed as a background, it’s suitable for almost any industry and audience that needs a good way to explain complex topics to people who don’t have the same experience or knowledge they do.

Some of the places I’ve spoken include:

All of my talks are customizable for your attendees’ needs, industry, or specific goals. Please be in touch – I can’t wait to hear from you!